Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bad Car Day

Update (May 5, 2006): This morning some guys knocked on my door and asked if the old car was for sale. I explained the bad condition of the car and they offered $700. SOLD!

This picture may look like I am getting my car towed to the repair shop. Quite the opposite. This is coming BACK from the repair shop WITHOUT any repairs.

Apparently the engine is in bad shape. It has been overheating so the head gasket is blown and probably some other bad stuff is ruined. It is a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire.

To fix it they want $3,500 for a new engine. Kelley Blue Book says the car might be worth $1,000 with a working engine. So, it is just not worth it to repair the thing.

Since I am currently unemployed I will not be able to get a loan to purchase another car. Solution: get a job ! I don't have any money for a downpayment since my current savings will probably only get me through one more month of house payment, child support, health insurance, and utilities. Again, solution: get a job.

I do have another "old" vehicle, a 1984 Chevy Suburban but it only gets 11 miles per gallon and right now it probably needs its battery replaced.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Nieces' 1st birthday

My two nieces, twins of my sister Sharon, had their first birthday this week.
Update: I finally got to see my nieces in person. Now I have added names to the pictures below.

In this picture Jessica and Allison are less than a month old:

The twins, Happy 1st Birthday, this week:
This is Jessica:

This is Allison:

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Site Meter

Hello, readers.

I have not had a new post for a week now. The name of this site is I Was Asked, so I have been asked to write about some topics and I am currently preparing those posts but they take a bit of research so that I am sure that I am giving you truthful facts.

The last post about HAMBURGERS was effectively a delurking post. I did see comments from all of my regular readers and a couple of new readers. Mary P. got me thinking about alternatives to hamburgers and several of you pointed out that home cooked burgers are the best.

About a month ago I added Site Meter to this blog site. Site Meter tracks who accesses this site and what web page they were on that provided the link to this site. It also shows who reached this site through search engines and what key words were used in the search.

I have not spent much time analyzing what pages people reached this site from but I do find that almost every time I make a first time comment on someone else's site I get someone who "checks out" this site by clicking on my comment.

The most interesting thing I have found is the searches that find my site, in particular the words that were searched on that yielded my site.

Here is a list of search engines that people used during the past week:   (( Philippines ))   ((Australia))

Here is a list of key words that were used for searches during the past week (comments in double parentheses ((...)) are my comments):

moral punishments of abortion
roman catholic priests get married?
diocese phoenix priest medical retirement age   ((I don't know the answer to that one.))
canon law age to make choices
catholic church doctrine and ectopic pregnancy
rhythm method of calculation   ((Oh, I hope this person read about NFP instead of Rhythm.))
cannon law on priest not being married   ((BOOM! cannon vs canon law))
palmer method cursive
'moral evil'
pictures of unbaptized infants   ((Now what was this person really looking for?))
paying for birthcontrol pills
moral evil
catholic church barrier methods contraception
church vs. abortion
cursive writting
abortion and catholics
catholic emergency baptism
married priest
about sterilization in relation to catholic beliefs
dante the devine comedy and jesus
abortion-moral issue
priest who leave to get married
catholics believe limbo is
dispensation from celibacy
archdiocese of detroit
rules episcopal priest marriage
married priest

OK, well I found those search topics interesting. Obviously I have been writing about things that people are interested in, but I credit you readers with asking for those topics.

Happy blog reading. More soon.